Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fantastic Article in Express Woman

There is a wonderful interview By Cedriann J Martin with Anya in this weekends's Express Woman. It really seems to tell about Anya the real person, not just the pretty face. It's nice to learn more about her and what makes her tick. It's obvious that she is a very intelligent person and it's nice to see a reporter bring that out and highlight it.

Here is my favorite quote:

Her self-possession leaves even more of an impression than her glossy hair or the floor length, pink and purple dress she wore to work that day. (The 26-year-old is Design Manager at Above, a multi-disciplinary design studio. Hence the creative freedom.)

Anya is interesting in quite a few unexpected and refreshing ways. Consider her take on why she was selected as our representative for Miss Universe in Vietnam in the first place....

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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Guardian Pulse

Thank you to Peter Ray Blood for the Blood Notes on Anya's win as seen here in the Guardian Online.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photos From MissTnT Pageant

Thank you Rachael for sending this photo. We haven't been able to find many from the event.

TallMan Foundation: A Time For Change Youth Walk

I just found out that Anya, Miss T&T Universe 2008, will be participating in this wonderful community event being held this weekend. It is organized by the TallMan Foundation which serves to promote Arts Education, amongst other things, in the Gonzales Community. The Walk For Change is Sunday 2nd March 2008 from 3-6pm in Gonzales, all are welcome.

Please read below for more information about TallMan and The Walk for Change and please go join them and help create the avenue for change in Trinidad.

A Time For Change Youth Walk
  • Date: March 2nd 2008
  • Venue: The Gonzales Community
  • Time: 3:00pm-6:00pm


After our latest success with the performance of the TallMan Foundation at the 3 Canal show, "Shine", from 25th-31st January 2008, the TallMan youth are once again urging the public to commit to change with the community based effort, A Time For Change Youth Walk will held on Sunday 2nd March 2008 from 3-6pm in Gonzales.


The idea was first proposed to the youth by Vincent Joachim during his visit to Trinidad and his generous work with our youth in a brief but intense photography workshop spanning the Carnival season 2008. Our youth, infused with a passion to do the walk, are excited about the possibilities for their community through the "A Time For Change Youth Walk".

The Walk which has been endorsed by community leaders in Gonzales, will feature an opening presentation at the St. Martin De Porres Church at 3:00pm and will include dance, music and drama performances. The walk will then begin, a walk for peace, promoting love respect and unity and calling for A Time For Change by the youth of Gonzales.


The walk will include intervals of dance and will be documented via video and photography by the TallMan Video/Point-and-Shoot Photography students.

Children from around the community will be invited to participate in the walk and will be given balloons in black and white (TallMan colours). Signs emblazoned with the words "Love", "Respect" and "Unity" will be carried by older youth.

There will be groups coordinated at various meeting points by community leaders to ensure the revamping of the spirit and the continued growth of the group as we continue our walk along a confirmed route through Gonzales.

Selected youth will be given the task of riding along in the vehicle with the PA System to urge the community for change.

Along the way, TallMan students will also use this opportunity to distribute TallMan Registration flyers to the community, inviting youth to get involved in positive activity.

In short, it will be a celebration of youth, life and the future along the streets of Gonzales.


TallMan Kids will all be required to wear their TallMan t-shirts and jeans and community leaders will also be given t-shirts for the occasion.


The walk is not just another walk for peace in the community but rather is a cry from the youth in our community for change, a cry that we hope will touch other youth, will cause youth involved in negative activity to recognize that there is an opportunity for change... that Love, Respect and Unity can happen! The TallMan Foundation is proof that the youth of Gonzales can achieve so much, that we can go from street corners to stages in Gonzales to stages in Queens Hall and still continue to grow. Crime, poverty, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, promiscuity, lack of guidance, child abuse...these are just some of the social ills that continue to plague our community...the clouds of negativity that continue to hide the rays of hope from our searching hearts and "A Good Morning in Gonzales" from our desperate eyes.

It is the vision of the "A Time For Change Youth Walk" that youth in Gonzales may begin to realize the potential they have and see that they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others in Gonzales. It is a vision for youth to implement such through a change in mentality, through a change in approach to life's circumstances and ultimately a physical change in getting involved in positive activities, in making use of the opportunities available for betterment and even creating opportunities for new beginnings.


The TallMan Registration for its new term beginning April 12th 2008, will provide an opportunity for youth in the community to get involved in positive activity while discovering and developing skill in various areas of the arts, possible career opportunities, exposure or simply, a place to meet other youth and make friends in the community while having a lot of fun in the TallMan Foundation/CIT+E Arts Program.

Change starts with the individual decision to change...TallMan creates the avenue for development...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Interesting Blog

Just came across this Blog called

Here's what she has to say:

So the new pageant representatives were chosen by the judges tonight, with Gabrielle Walcott & Anya Ayong Chee emerging as Miss T&T/World and Miss T&T Universe respectively. Unfortunately, I can't say much about the actual pagent or the winners, because PC troubles kept me off the weblink till the point when the last contestant was doing a clumsy job of answering the final question. Anya was my pick from the start - the start for me being a few days ago, when I happened upon and saw the delegates for this year's competition - and only because I found it quaint that she was a bit Asian. Gabrielle, who's also the winner of the People's Choice Award, was clearly the crowd favourite and did look quite good. The only thing that managed to annoy me in the few minutes I watched the stream, was the host and pageant company (Peter Elias and Company) rep Adrian Raymond, waxing warm about all sorts of behind-the-scenes memories and moments involving the girls. One or two comments for flavour is always welcomed, but too much is too much, right? All in all, the inclusion of CNMG into the pageant equation has seemed to work out for Elias & co., and the standard of the show did appear to be much higher this year, albeit very intimate and pared down. I wish Gabrielle and Anyna all the best with their respective competitions, and I'm looking forward to what's next for the girls as they go on to represent Trinidad & Tobago internationally...

L.M.N. Harris

Trini Jungle Juice Pic of the Week

Nice pic of Anya playing mas in Island People Mas during Trinidad Carnival 2008 on this Toronto based Trini website called

They also shot a lot of photos of Island People Mas. check them out too.

Newsday Article

Here is another article by the Trinidad Newsday. They still are making a mistake about the location of the Miss Universe Pageant. It is in Vietnam, not Ukraine.

ON SUNDAY evening two women embarked on a journey to represent this country at the world’s most prestigious beauty pageants. Gabrielle Walcott, Miss TT/World, and Anya Ayoung- Chee, Miss TT/Universe were crowned at the end of an intense competition at Club Zen in Port-of-Spain.

From now on, there will be hardly a dull moment for the two local beauties who have already started preparations for the pageants later this year.

Gabrielle, who is from Petit Valley, will represent this country at the 2008 Miss World Pageant in Vietnam on October 4. Anya, of Maraval, is gearing up for the Miss Universe Pageant in the Ukraine in June.

Gabrielle said she was always confident of her chances in the local pageant and plans to bring the international title home later this year.

“Ever since I met former Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam, I wanted to be like her. Since then I have been preparing myself to one day walk in her footsteps.”

She said she is throwing herself into preparations for Miss World 2008 with a passion. Bubbling over with enthusiasm she said: “I believe that the human can achieve any goal if they really want it,” she declared.

No stranger to the bright lights, Gabrielle made her debut before the cameras in a Klim commercial when she was just six years old. Since then she has been involved in modelling, and acting, including a supporting role in the movie Backlash which was filmed in TT in 2006. Gabrielle, who has a Degree in Visual Arts and Theatre Arts, recently returned to TT from Manhattan, where she did a one year diploma in voicing, monologues, public speaking, speech writing and acting for the camera and for live audience. She is now confident that these recently acquired skills will help her win the international title.

“I lived in Manhattan for one year . . . after working in visual and theatre arts I now have the experience necessary for this type of competition,” she said.

Over the next six months Gabrielle will undergo rigorous training under the supervision of the pageant committee headed by Peter Elias.

She credited her parents, Camille and Dereck Walcott, for encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

Anya says she has been in a state of shock since being crowned Miss TT/Universe. She said her mind went blank as she received her crown and sash and she was so overwhelmed that she struggled to make the final walk with her bouquet of flowers.

“I was over the moon with excitement,” she said.

Anya said her decision to enter the competition wasn’t spur of the moment. It is just the latest step in a process of rebuilding her life following the tragic death of her brother, Pilar Ayoung- Chee, in a car accident nine month ago. She said after losing her brother, she took another look at life and started to explore other avenues in a quest for fulfillment.

“Although I was very vibrant, I realised that I could do a lot more in life,” she said. Anya who is of mixed descent — her father Wilson is of Chinese origin and her mother, Michelle of East Indian and African ancestry — has dabbled in all cultures in TT.

“We have such a unique mix of people here that there is never a boring moment. There is always something happening within the various denominations,” she said. The 26-year-old recently started a job as a graphic designer at Above Studios.

“I studied graphic design at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. It is something I really love to do,” said Anya, who is the first of six children and the only girl. She said she considers it a blessing to be part of her family. No stranger to the world of fashion, Anya recently assisted Meiling in designing clothes for popular rapso group 3Canal for their Carnival performances.

For now, however, all other pursuits have been temporarily set aside as she concentrates on preparations for the international pageant in a few months time.